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LOVE by Kate Cortesi directed by Christina Baldwin @ Ojai Playwrights Conference

August 10th 7:30pm @ the Zalk Theater at Besant Hil

A decade after quitting a small arts non-profit, Penelope is approached by former colleagues who want her to join them in exposing their ex-boss’ sexual misconduct. Penelope did have a relationship with the man, but wasn't coerced. In fact, he was one of the great loves of her youth. Or was he? What really happened? What should Penelope do now? Love is a provocative exploration of relationships in which the reckoning of sex and power, accountability and accusation is murky and complex. A raw and nuanced re-investigation of a seminal love grappling with the grey area in our collectively evolving conversation around consent and coercion.





Cleo is a Brooklyn based actor/producer/writer/maker born in South Korea and raised in Central New Jersey.

She is a Member Artist at the Ensemble Studio Theatre since 2018. A former Bat at The Flea Theater where she co-produced #serials@theflea and met her producing partner and co-founder of her arts non-profit SEQUIN.

Her pronouns are She/Her/They/Them.


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